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The following websites are a sample of the work developed by, which you can see as a reference.

Website for the study of the english language with system of opinions.

The site shows a simple and clean design, with lively colors that target to a young audience. It has a contact form and a manageable system of opinions, with which visitors can rate the site and leave comments.

For several months so far my webpage has been onlibe, with results above any goal I had imagined to reach. For this reason I want to express my gratitude and satisfaction to your dedication and professionalism in the search of the design and layout of my Site, emphasizing your priceless contribution to achieve the stated objectives. And in this search distance did not matter, becasue even though we are separated by hundreds of kilometers, with patience and dedication you solved each and every one of my requests. I conclude highlighting your high personal values. Thank you very much..!”
Luis Rubén Sívori

Website dedicated to offering photographic safaris services.

The website has a simple design and shows information about the services offered by the company. It shows a slideshow in its heading created to attract the attention and imagination of the visitors. Moreover, a contact form is given as a means to communicate with the owner.

It is provided with a content management system (adding/editing/removing) for the “Photos” and “Safaris” sections, and another of language detection (English and Spanish).

I want to thank you, through this means, the responsibility with which you have worked on my website. I am really satisfied and thankful for the help you have given me, and I would like to encourage you in your venture, which truly has all the seriousness that we, the clients, need.”
Juan Ramón Díaz Colodrero

Official website for the company Life Science Latin America.

This website provides an online presentation for the company Life Science Latin America, allowing it to take sales and business to the Internet.

Due to it's target public, it presents a basic design with discrete animations and interactivity. It's mainly composed by a slide-show presentation, an "about us" section and a contact form, to allow visitors to contact the representatives easy and immediately.

Web site of the wine importing company 3-Gen.

The web site of 3-Gen offers online presence to its owners, with an elegant and simple layout. It includes a slideshow presentation, animated menus and many other effects that enhance its image and interactivity. It also has a contact form through which visitors can express their questions and concerns.

It is further provided with a content administration system (adding/editing/removing) for the “Tastings” section, and language detection (English and Spanish).

Charity website created to help the communities affeted by the Belo Monte dam in Brazil.

This is a simple website consisting of a single informational page, which provides links to take action against the dam project and ways to be promoted in social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).

As presentation, a slideshow of pictures (written in javascript for better compatibility) takes place on top of the content.

The website can be read in two language versions (english and spanish). The language of the visitors is detected in their first access to the website and used to redirect them to the matching version of the page.

Digital version of the book with Flash animation and guest book.

This site has been created to host the digital version of the book “Doña Gastona y el eje de la Tierra”. It has a formal and discrete design plus a Falsh animation as introduction, and a contact form. Besides, it includes a guest book, in which users can leave messages to the author and to the public in general.

Website with information about HTML language and text management system.

A website dedicated to offering content for the learning of HTML language, basic and fundamental for web design. This site has been fully created by Diego Ponce de León, founder of

It has a contact form and a text management system designed to make content edition easier.

Website with tribal tattoos gallery and image management system.

This website offers free tribal tattoo designs. It has a colorful, cheerful and warm design, and it attempst to represent the sun and the sea in summertime.

It has a complete administration system, in which images are uploaded by means of a form and are later processed to adjust their size, resolution, quality, and colour. The gallery’s frontpage is fully automatized and offers a search engine of its own.

In addition, the system includes a translation petitions manager (English or Spanish to Japanese) which generates the spreadsheet files that are sent to the transaltion company. This translated files are sent back by the company, uploaded to the website by means of a form, and added to the database, to enable the subsequent image generation correspondent to the new symbols.

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